The Secondary Grammar School in Michalovce

The Secondary Grammar School in Michalovce was established in 1922. It is the oldest secondary grammar school in the Slovak Republic east of Slanské vrchy.

Before the upheaval on 28 October 1918, there were secondary schools on the territory of the former Košice great county – purely Hungarian – in the then cultural centres of Košice, Prešov and Užhorod. Immediately after the upheaval, the patriotic Slovaks felt the need to establish a Slovak secondary school in the area east of Slanské vrchy. In the noble match of the three Zemplín towns of Humenné, Trebišov and Michalovce, Michalovce won, which alone could provide sufficient guarantees for the establishment and construction of the institute.

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School should be demanding and require a lot from students in order to prepare them for a simple life, but would not  it be nice if there was some fun at school?

In addition to everyday learning, students have many other activities that they usually prepare in collaboration with their teachers. Thus, every year, the whole school can meet at the matriculation of  the first-year students, the so-called „Uchaľak“, at Christmas sports tournaments or at various theatrical events.

Educational programme

The priority mission of the Secondary Grammar School of Pavol Horov (GPH) is to shape an educated, creative student with his own opinion and a positive approach to life, prepared and open to lifelong learning.

The school offers an attractive curriculum, constantly increases the level of the educational process and creates conditions for its fulfilment. Our school should not only educate but also train the students. Our goals in the system of education are to purposefully and systematically develop cognitive skills, emotional maturity of students, motivation for continuous improvement, prosocial behaviour, ethics, self-regulation as an expression of the ability to take responsibility for themselves and their development and creativity.

Available teaching modules:

  • General study
  • Extended teaching of informatics
  • Extended teaching of physical and sports education
  • Extended foreign language teaching
  • Science and technology focus with CLIL teaching

Why studying at GPH?

The educational process has been around for 99 years

The school is currently attended by 627 pupils and has 54 teachers, including one American native speaker and one professional staff member – a school psychologist.

The main mission of the school is to prepare educated and flexible graduates who will be successful in any type of university, find employment in the domestic and international labour market and will be able to shape their future independently. The school offers an attractive Sapere Aude Curriculum, constantly raising the level of the educational process and creating the conditions for its fulfilment.

Goal and mission

Quality preparation of students for university studies

Benefits of the educational programme

In the first two years, students will receive a basic general education; in the following two years, in addition to compulsory subjects, they will choose extended classes with the option of choosing subjects according to further profiling and interest in universities. This, of course, allows for thorough preparation for maturita exams and university entrance exams.

During your studies you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of optional subjects, e.g. applied economics, conversations in foreign languages, sports training, seminars in social sciences and natural sciences, network technologies, psychology, mobile device programming, internet of things, microcomputer systems programming, history of art, etc.

Language knowledge and skills

Students have the opportunity to study two foreign languages from a range of four world languages – English, German, French and Russian. In the classes with a focus on extended foreign language teaching, you can obtain a Diploma DSD I. and II. Degree during your studies. You can get a DELF Diploma in French. These certificates have international validity.


In eight modern classrooms with computer technology and in one robotics classroom, students acquire computer literacy. In the classes with a focus on informatics and technical subjects, in addition to general education, they also acquire special knowledge and skills in the field of information technology, 3D modelling, network technology (CISCO academy) and the ECDL certificate (certifikát ECDL).

Pedagogical and psychological counselling

Educational counsellor and internal school psychologist help to solve problems with learning and professional orientation. The school also cooperates with the Pedagogical and Psychological Counselling Centre in Michalovce, and the school has coordinators of prevention of Healthy School, environmental education, drug prevention, etc.

School relations

We work closely with universities – The Faculty of Science, UPJŠ Košice, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering TUKE, the Faculty of Law, UK Bratislava, the University of Prešov in Prešov, etc. We also maintain good relations with partner schools in Vyškov, the Czech Republic, in Užhorod, Ukraine. Our students take part in exchange visits abroad.


Achievements and results

Competitions and Olympiads

Our students achieve excellent accomplishments in subject Olympiads, sports and knowledge competitions and projects at the level of Slovakia, but also at the international level.

Modern equipment



As part of the “GPH – Scientia pro Vita” project, our school has rebuilt and equipped specialist laboratories and science classrooms with state-of-the-art teaching aids, and we have also renovated classrooms and equipped them with interactive whiteboards.


Student activities


Every year, the school, in cooperation with the pupil and student council, organizes events created primarily by the students´ efforts whether it is a Valentine´s ball, student matriculation or others.

Pupils can work in a student economic company, they can participate in the Student Drop of Blood activity, in charitable activities, they can publish in the school magazine KOCKY.

Every year we organize a ski course, life and health protection course, student matriculation, Valentine´s ball, etc. We organize excursions to the Austrian Alps, Vienna, London, Rome, Barcelona, etc.

Are you interested in our school?

Admission procedure

Information on study options, schedule of entrance exams, admission criteria or results can be found at

In case of any ambiguity or additional information, you can inquire in person, by telephone or you can address your questions to an e-mail address. Individual contacts can be found at 

Thank you for your interest in our school and we look forward to meeting you.